Why NMXR? 2017-12-30T06:17:18+00:00

Accurate results—NMXR uses only Board-certified radiologists. Our radiologists voice-dictate results specific to each patient, so you never receive a “canned report.”

Ease of ordering—NMXR has simplified the order process so you can spend more time with your patients and less time on the phone placing exam orders.

Online access—Your images and reports are easily-accessible on our web portal.

High-quality analytical reports—Our portal gives you access to a wide variety of analytics to assist with QA and management of your x-ray utilization.

EMR Connections—NMXR’s experienced EMR integration team can interface with your facility’s EMR to allow for order entry, image and report access, and electronic invoicing.

Nationwide reach—NMXR gives national and regional SNF chains a wider range of options and greater flexibility when seeking to partner with a national provider. NMXR can be your one-stop solution for all your imaging services.